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What’s the Big Deal?

Every student knows the drill. Either the school or the department has a required citation style. And every student is provided a “style guide,” or at least referred to an online source for that particular style. It is a laborious task, after a piece of writing is finished, to have to prepare a bibliography that meets the requirements of the style and the professor.

This is the attitude of many students when they must create their first bibliography. First, they may not know how to write a bibliography in a specific style, because they have always used another one and this is new. They make the mistake of thinking it is not that important, so they just use the style they know.

Big mistake. Instructors and professors specify the styles they want and they expect students to follow those instructions. When they don’t, it tells that instructor that the student is lazy, a bit disrespectful, or perhaps, arrogant. This is not how you want an instructor to think of you.

Getting it Right

King Citation has taken all of the tedious labor and the guesswork out of getting those citations right. We offer a free citation machine for use by anyone – students at any level of study, teachers, professors, or any other professional who must cite resources that have been used in a report, paper, journal article, and more. In short, anyone who ever has a need to craft correct citations has access to our citation machine, at any time, day or night.

Every Possible Style

The beauty of our free citation machine is that, unlike many other bibliography generator sites, we have programmed into ours every conceivable and rare citation style that exists. Of course, every common need, such as free MLA citation, is there. But, suppose, as a grad student, you are asked to use Landmark or Ieee style. Where would you go? You would come to and get a bibliography maker in that style. We have left no style out.

What’s the Catch?

There is none. We will generate free citations for anyone, at any time, and in any style. And if all you want is a free online citation resource, we are your “go-to” site.

And There’s More

We do provide more than just a citation generator free of charge, however. Our site is filled with resources and useful information for students and educators both. You may discover that some of these resources will come in quite handy – e-books, infographics, presentations, and even some exceptional professional development resources for educators. These are all available for free, so long as you register as a user on our site.

Benefits of Using

There are other online sources for free citations, of course. We have set ourselves apart from these others in the following ways:

- Our machine is comprehensive. There is no style we do not produce.

- There is no limitation on your use. You may need a free citation bibliography in any number of styles or in the same style many times. We do not limit anyone’s use, as others do before they begin to charge a fee.

- Our additional resources have been created by recognized experts in their fields and provide great value to students and instructors. And, we are continually adding to this repertoire

- No matter what our resource is – website, magazine, book, journal article, chapter of a book, image, movie, social media or blog post, a piece from an unknown author, or digital files in any format – our machine will automatically generate that citation.

How It Works

This is the easiest part. You simply enter the information in the form fields, choose the style you want, and click the “generate” button. You can then save them or convert them into Word, PDF, or rtf documents, for printing out.