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  • Bibliography: – The Ultimate MLA Guide and MLA Citation Generator

Consider yourself lucky. Not so long ago, students had to manually create all of their MLA citations and hope that arrangements of information were correct. They used online sources such as Purdue Owl and OSLIS, studied the examples, wrote out their citations, and then typed them up, entering the parenthetical intext citations and then preparing an alphabetized list of sources, with detailed information, on the bibliography page. Then they crossed their fingers that the citations were correctly formatted, especially if some were unique, such as songs, original handwritten primary resources, obscure manuscripts, etc. to the Rescue

MLA (Modern Language Association) is probably the most common format style in use today. Teachers from high school forward like it because it is simpler than most and, for high school and undergraduate research works, it satisfies the need to cite resources accurately. Still there are two types of requirements with this style that must be crafted correctly – the physical appearance of the piece of writing, and the entries of resources. We have solved this problem for students in the following ways:

  1. The Physical Appearance

We have created an MLA guide that very simply explains such things as:

  • Margins
  • Font specifications and font size
  • Spacing
  • Headings and pagination
  • Paragraph indentation
  • Title Page (actually no separate title page)

Example pages are included for quick reference., so you never have to worry about how to set up your work.

  1. Citations

This is the tricky part. But not so if you use our MLA citation machine.

We have developed software that will generate an automatic, proper citation, whether inline in the text, or in the bibliography at the end. We have programmed this software to include citations for:

  • a textbook, book, anthology, books with multiple authors
  • Works with or without page numbers
  • A song, quote, film, video (including YouTube)
  • Newspaper or magazine article
  • Picture or any other image, with or without captions/sources
  • Any Internet source, with or without authors, including a website, a blog, a social media post, etc.
  • More

No type of source has been left out. What’s more, because MLA format guidelines do evolve, we keep constant vigil, so that the latest edition specifications are honored and your citations are correct. When you use our MLA citation maker, you always have the most current edition guidelines.

And the best part? Our MLA citation generator is always free.

The Easy Part

When you use the citation machine MLA specified, you fill in the form fields with the requested information (internal or end-of-text, printed or online source, type of resource, page numbers if applicable, volumes and editions if magazines, etc.), and then click the “generate” button. Our citation maker machine provides the perfect auto-generated citation. You then simply save it, edit it if you find you spelled something wrong, convert it to the document format you need, and you are good to go. Copy and paste it where it goes.

What’s a Footnote?

Long ago, intext citations were in the form of footnotes – numbered and listed at the bottom of each page or at the end, just before the bibliography. You will see these still in older books you may be using as resources. Ignore them. You don’t have to do footnotes with MLA style.

Give it a Try – It’s Free

We believe we have the best citation builder there is. Why? Because our machine creator will generate citations for even the most obscure types of source materials. No more digging to locate these formats – we have it all.