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Mar 30 2018

Write a title

When students write essays and papers, they may spend quite a bit of time coming up with catchy titles, so that they can grab the attention of a reader. This is what they are taught in English composition classes, and the advice is real.

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Mar 15 2018

Write an annotated bibliography

Bibliographies. They are not all the same. While everyone understands what is a bibliography – a listing of all of the resources used in a piece of research writing – not everyone understands how to format them and, even more, what is an annotated bibli...

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Mar 12 2018

How to cite a paragraph

Once you move into the upper levels of high school and into college, you are expected to properly cite the sources you use. This is true if you use direct quotes or simply paraphrase your source. Without a bit of education on the topic, this can be a bi...

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