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Expert Advice: Who can help me with my dissertation

May 02 2019

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You’re a talented writer, have an advanced degree, and could use a little extra income. You come across an opportunity while looking for a side gig. Maybe it’s a graduate student who’s asking for someone to ‘write my dissertation’. You may have even found an agency that hires graduates like you to help many students with their thesis or dissertation work.


What should you do? If someone asks, ‘can you write my dissertation?’, is it okay to say yes? Is it legal to accept pay for writing such an important academic paper for someone else?


It depends. You can certainly make money helping people who need someone to ‘write my dissertation for me’. There are just a few things you need to do before you begin working with another student. Note: If you are a student who is wondering who can write my dissertation for me, the following information will be helpful to you as well.


Writer’s Responsibilities Vs. Student’s Responsibilities


It’s very important that you don’t write anything for a student before you have agreed on some very clear terms. First and foremost to protect yourself, you must make it known that you are providing any materials for research and study purposes only. This puts the power as well as the responsibility of the student into their own hands. They must understand the following:


  • It is ultimately my responsibility to write my dissertation
  • I am responsible for reviewing, editing, and otherwise making any materials provided to me my own.
  • I am responsible for understanding the ethical, moral, and legal obligations I have in terms of this assignment.
  • Any decisions that I make in relation to my decision to ask someone to help me write my dissertation are my own.


Now, to be clear, this does not 100% guarantee that the writer isn’t in the free and clear. This helps because it establishes that the student isn’t being provided with a dissertation, written by someone else to be turned in as their own work. They are receiving what is basically a study guide. This is very similar to other study guides, like ‘Spark Notes’ that have long been very near and dear to busy college students.


Still, there’s absolutely no way to understand the laws that might apply to every person in every place, so it’s the responsibility of the writer to do their own research. However, as a general rule, unless the writer knows the student plans to commit fraud, they are not doing anything illegal.


Partnering with a Student


Oftentimes, when a student asks, ‘who can help me with my dissertation?’, they just need assistance with some part of it. This can be best for everyone involved. The writer makes money by providing guidance and assistance. Such as, helping the student create research instruments. The student remains responsible for the overall assignment. They simply use the work you provide to them as a guide, or as an example. Many students are quite happy to learn that they have this option available.


Moral Obligations


There are many companies that do academic writing work for students. The ones that are most reputable, maintain high moral and ethical standards. They believe that they have a corporate responsibility to ensure that they don’t cause any harm in the work that they do. As such, most will not help out any student if they believe it will result in them getting a degree for which they are not qualified. They will also not provide services to students if they believe doing so could harm others.


For example, many will not help people in the medical or healthcare fields obtain degrees or certifications. This ensures that nobody is ever licensed to provide medical treatment who isn’t qualified. If you plan to make a living as an academic writer, consider applying these standards before you accept any writing opportunities.


Final Thoughts


The short answer is no. As long as you take some precautions, you are probably not breaking the law by helping someone with their dissertation, even if that help is significant. Just approach the subject with caution, and be diligent in researching your specific situation.