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If you are familiar with Chicago format style, then you will also be familiar with Turabian. In fact, the two styles are often lumped together as one.

The Turabian style came to be as the result of Kate Turabian, an educator at the University of Chicago. She was a proponent of the Chicago citation style, but wanted to modify it a bit for younger students, specifically those in high school and undergraduate work. Her work, Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, is published by the University of Chicago Press, along with the CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) and, since her death in 1987, continues to be updated, as digital resources and referencing continue to change and grow.

The Similarities

  1. Both styles give two options to researchers/writers for citing their sources, especially in-text. There is the “notes-bibliography” and the “author-date” style.
  2. Both style manuals are from the same publisher
  3. Both styles have similar bibliography formats.

The Differences

  1. The Turabian style manual has included an audience of high school students and has help/suggestions specifically for them.
  2. The Turabian manual has a long section on the steps for crafting a research paper; the Chicago manual has long sections on grammar and usage for scholarly writing.
  3. There are small citation format differences. Turabian, for example, requires that website citations include the date they were accessed; Chicago does not.

Creating Turabian Citations

  1. Intext Citations

There are two options – the note-bibliography form or the author-date form

  • The note-bibliography form requires that you use a superscript number at the end of each piece of information or quote you need to site. Then you place a corresponding numbered footnote, either at the bottom of the page or on a separate Notes page at the end. The information in the note is pretty comprehensive, and there are specific guidelines for each type of reference.
  • The author-date style cites sources within the text through a parenthetical method. These citations include only the author’s last name and date of publication. Full citation information is contained in the bibliography.
  1. End-of-Text Citations

These are alphabetized, according to author’s last name or, in the absence of an author, the first word of the citation’s title. There are again, specific details and guidelines for each type of resource used, and these details are available in the manual or several placed on the web (e.g. Purdue Owl).

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