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Creating Perfect AMA Citations – We have the Citation Machine You Need

The American Medical Association has established its own reference format style guide for the methods by which medical researchers are to cite resources, both in-text and in the bibliography. Students will not encounter this referencing requirement until they are in graduate research work or medical school, but any research and writing that is aimed for publication, such as in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) will require the AMA citation style.

For students who have successfully been citing in Chicago notes-bibliography style, creating citations in AMA will be familiar. Intext references will be numbered, in sequential order, with superscripts. These citation entries will then be placed in a “References” page at the end of the piece, which will allow for commenting by the author as well.  Each numbered item will correspond to the same number on the reference page, and will provide the reader will the book, article, website, or even textbook, from which the information or quote came. This is a variation from the Chicago style, which has footnotes and references listed on separate pages. Obviously, the American Medical Association guidelines combine the end-of-text citation into one document, and they are not listed in alphabetical order.

It Can Get Complicated

AMA citation format get complicated when researchers and medical students must use a variety of resources – books, journal articles, video presentations, podcasts, dissertations, research summaries, and a host of other sources. There are guidelines about the bibliographical details that must be included for each type, and these can become a tedious nightmare. Creating them manually is tricky and time consuming. Fortunately, you have as your “go-to” source, with its AMA citation generator.

The AMA Citation Machine

Obviously, we do not have a physical machine that acts as a citation builder. We do, however, have a software program that contains virtually every type of citation generator known to the academic community. And this software is updated on a regular basis, in order to provide users with the most current guidelines that every format style guide crafts.

You can access our AMA citation generator on our site or on our mobile app and create almost instant citations to satisfy your need to have perfectly appointed reference citations. It’s an easy process:

  • Access the citation maker.
  • Enter your bibliographical information in the relevant form fields
  • Select your citation style, in this case AMA
  • Click the “generate” button ad let our citation maker do the rest.

All of this is free by the way. You can use our citation generator for any style, for both in-text and end-of-text citations, so long as you have the relevant details to input into our form.

Do a Test Run

We urge all of our users to try us out. Input your citation need and get an example of our work. You will be thrilled with the results. Nothing beats the citation creator, as ou will quickly see.