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The Vancouver Citation Style is also known as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). It attempts to standardize the editing and publishing of medical journals that have an international reach. Today, this international reach is far more common, as scholarly medical research and writeups are often translated into many languages and published in a variety of journals.

The ICMJE has established the Vancouver Citation style for those who intend to publish in international journals. Its style guide (the 2nd and most recent edition) is titled Citing Medicine and it is available in hard copy or online. It provides an example of every possible citation type (book, journal, image, website, lecture, etc.) that a researcher might encounter.

Basics of the Vancouver Reference Style

The Vancouver style is an author-number parenthetical one for in-text citations. This means that after each piece of information or quotation that is to be cited, a superscript number is placed. When that same reference is used again the same number is used.

The bibliography is then organized according to the numbers in the piece, not alphabetically.

It is important to remember, however, that there are some variations in this style. If you have to use this style, be certain to inquire about any variations of your professor or publication. For example, in-text numbers may be in parentheses or brackets; they may be super or sub-scripts. Has All Variations

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