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Meet Style Guidelines with Citatior’s APSA Citation Generator

The American Political Science Association (commonly known as the APSA), has its own citation style manual. It has been designed specifically for researchers who will be contributing works in the form of theses, dissertation, and academic research and writing for professional journals.

If you are an undergraduate student of political science, you may or may not face the requirement of the APSA intext citation format or the bibliography style. Many undergraduate instructors prefer citations in MLA, APA, and some, even in ASA. Once you reach graduate school, the requirement for citing sources in the APSA format will be more likely.

General Characteristics of APSA Citation Guidelines

  • In-Text Citations: The guide puts forth a parenthetical format, using the author’s name and date of publication, with page numbers when appropriate. Rather than parentheses, however, the citation is placed in brackets. Example: [Wolfe, 2006. pp. 13-14]
  • End-of-Text Citations: The style you use to cite references in your bibliography is generally the same as the Harvard style. You need to alphabetize by the author’s last name, and/or title (when there is no listed author). The information includes all of the information a reader might need to locate the reference. The order and details of that information area obviously different for a book, journal article, website, etc.

The American Political Science Association has its own guide which is available on the Internet. It provides examples and guidelines for all bibliographical referencing.

Skip the Hassle with Citatior’s APSA Citation Generator

Manually entering citations is no longer necessary, because Citatior has provided you with an APSA citation machine that will automatically generate them for you. The net result is that you plug in the citation information, choose the American Political Science Association as your preferred style, and you will have your perfect citation within seconds. You can save it, convert it to any common document format, and be on our way.

Our citation machine is continually updated when any new style guides come out, so the citations you get will always conform to any changes that have been made.

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